We’re excited for this gig! C’mon down to the Dragonfly to hear some new tunes off our upcoming EP “Route 1” and some other assorted tunage. Joining us for the first time is Johnny Macko on drums and Keith Vucan on bass. This will be a fun time guaran-friggin-teed! We’ll be sharing the evening with the most funky Bryan Hansen Band.

Who: The Jenny Pilots

What: First full band gig

Where: Dragonfly Music and Coffee Cafe

When: Friday, October 16th, 2017 from 7pm – 10pm

Why: It’s Good to be Smilin’ Again!!

How: Planes, trains, automobiles, Uber, taxi, motorcycle, moped… your old bike in the garage you promised you’d ride more all summer long… spare Vespa…. ¬†hoof it!



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