The Jenny Pilots are made up of the songwriting team of Mark Nuzzi and Joe Furnari, and bassist/recording engineer Gino Scelza, all founding members of the NJ Power Pop bar band Soul Engines. Many Soul Engines fans will hear the familiar sounds of Mark’s vocals and pop melodies in the new songs by The Jenny Pilots.

Our songs are melodic rock / acoustic folk / power pop… with a familiar sound like a distant memory… or that feeling of trying to remember a dream while blinking into the dawn. We are forever in search of the perfect hook. Jump over to our music page to have a listen.

We thought it would be cool to release the songs as ‘double A-sided digital singles’ (does anybody remember 45’s?) in the coming months as we record, mix and master them. So, ‘Like’ our Facebook page for updates on the latest releases…. ¬†and always remember: leave the gun, take the cannoli.


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